Ashwagandha: The Cortisol Killer

Happy New Year All! I’ve been very busy and stressed and I wanted to start with one of my favorite supplements for those feelings! 

ASHWAGANDHA (ash·wa·gan·dha) I know the name is weird but this a powerful I herb that I've personally been taking for 8 months that I get a lot of questions about because I tell people it's what keeps me from being crazy 🙃 lol. So here we go!


  • is an adaptive herb made from the leaves of a shrub called withaniasomnifera.
  • Best known for handling stress and anxiety and lowering cortisol levels


  1. Stimulates thyroid gland & secretion of thyroid hormones
  2. Reduces pain & inflammation
  3. Reduces anxiety & depression
  4. Helps combat the effects of stress
  5. Increases white blood cell production
  6. Increased mitochondrial levels & endurance during physical activity
  7. Protects brain from degeneration
  8. Lowers cortisol levels for better sleep & weight loss. 

Amazing right? This was one of the keys to my personal weight loss journey. My cortisol levels were up from stress, I wasn't sleeping and craving carbs constantly. This broke that cycle, if you haven't read the Stress post I recommend reading it.


  • above I have my favorite brand of ASHWAGANDHA pictured. Jarrow has their own locally sourced farm where they grow ASHWAGANDHA, it goes straight from the farm to the bottle.
  • I take 2 capsules daily at breakfast or lunch
  • Not recommended for those with hyperthyroidism or if pregnant
  • Taking too much can lead to GI distress

Stress is an American lifestyle staple, but it doesn't have to be the thing holding you back from your fitness goals! Here's one step you can take towards a better you! As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments leave them below! I really hope this helps, if it did share!


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