Maiah’s Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is a week away and I’m already feeling extremely grateful!

I am so thankful for you all and the overwhelming support you guys give me and for that I want to share some tips!

Follow these tips below to avoid a food coma, calorie overload and bloating! 

THANKSGIVING mottos: "Everything in Moderation" & "This or That!"

1. Exercise before lunch/dinner: continue your regular exercise routine! I recommend jumping rope for 10-20 minutes  

2. Get enough sleep: this may be hard with family coming in, or if you're the main cook but try to be well rested by Thursday. We know fatigue = crazy carb cravings.

3. NO Fasting: whether you do this on purpose or not, don't let the thanksgiving meal be your 1st meal.

4. Drink TEA before dinner: green, white or mint, they'll all help burn extra tummy calories, boost your metabolism & keep you from eating as much.

5. Take a Digestive Enzyme: these a great to take before meals when you’re eating something you don’t regularly eat! These enzymes help break down macronutrients so you can avoid indegestion and bloating!  

6. Favorite foods 1st: if you only showed up for your grandma's dressing, then eat that first! It may seem weird but if you have what you want you'll eat less & feel more satisfied.

7. White meat & Veggies: after you've had your favorite dish, stick to white meat & veggies! Preferably ones not covered in sugar!

8. Skip the sauces: no gravy or cranberry sauce! They normally are packed with enough calories to cover a full days worth of calories!

9.  Alcohol OR Dessert: 1 glass or one slice/serving. I know this one will be tough, if you stick to it your body will thank you!

10.  Exercise: with your favorite center closed, I don't expect you to do serious cardio. Just move around, take a walk with the kids or the dog. Have a family game of touch football or go check out  the early sales at the mall!

11. Skip the leftovers: if you're the host, try to get all the food out of the house by the end of the day.  If you're a visitor, skip the to-go plate. Friday go back to your regular diet and exercise routine!

I know these tips will have you feeling your best this Thanksgiving Holiday! I pray you all enjoy your family and safe travels! Thank you so much for reading! 

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 ❤️ Maiah

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